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More Ecourses to Check at the RichardPresents Online learning Directory.

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Developing An Economical Mobile Marketing Campaign for a Small Business

Seems as if we see and read about the skyrocketing trend of Mobile activities everywhere we turn. And while thousands and thousands of people are buying smartphones and tablets, there are still many local businesses who are unable to engage with those potential customers and clients at the mobile level.

eCourse Review 

“Developing An Economical Mobile Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business”
–  10 Lesson Course.
A How-To study on properly Engaging with the hundreds of local shoppers who use their Smart Phones and Tablets to find local Restaurants, look for Coupon Promotions, to locate Churches, Clothing Stores, Professional Offices, Repair Shops, and just about every Retail business in their communities, possibly including yours.


The course is presented as as pdf file. Easy to read with Adobe Acrobat, these
10 Sections appear to cover the essential issues for anyone who does not have a mobile friendly website and an instant way to contact cusomers who are on the go.

1. Getting Familiar with Mobile marketing
2. Why Mobile Devices are Irresistible and Compelling
3. The Psychology of Mobile Users
4. Content for Mobile Marketing
5. How to Make your Content Mobile
6. Planning for your Mobile marketing campaign
7. Hidden Snags to Watch for
8. Coupons are a Popular choice for Incentives
9. About Voice Messages
10. Testing Your Content

The course does present some affordable solutions for starting a Mobile marketing Campaign.

Creating one campaign for all of the different makes and models of portable digital devices
with their varying screen sizes and operating systems can get difficult.

Privacy is always an important issue and mobile marketers must respect their customers and clients who optin to receive text message alerts and sales promotions.

What’s in this eCourse?

Here’s the link to the Registration form for the Mobile Marketing Guide:

Have you noticed what many of the Marketing Super Stars are Doing?

Have  you noticed this, too?
A lot of the super star marketers are making thier most popular and
successful products available again.
Some of these offers are for products that are as much as 10 years old.
It certainly provides a great opportunity for people just starting their
Internet Marketing journey to build their libraries with great tried and
proven tools and resources.
And just because they are older doesn’t mean they aren’t good.
On the contrary – 

You can be certain that the products were winners – because no reputable
and established Marketer would tarnish their reputation by putting junk
productS out in the market.
Some of these reports are even being offered for FREE!
Which brings me to my point – we might never find these gems unless
their creators announce their availibilty through their blogs, emails,
and Social Media sites.
So, this email is actually my alert to you that there are more than
60 ecourses on a broad variety of subjects still available at the
RichardPresents eCourse Directory – MOSTLY for FREE.
Here’s the link to the QUICK FIND INDEX
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Fun and Family Focused FREE eCourses
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Subjects include Internet Marketing topics, of course, AND  fun and
money saving material that will benefit your whole family like Gardening,
Hobbies, vacationing, Fitness and Health, Family safety, and more.
Check them out now because there’s so much there that can help you
get more pleasure and enjoyment out of the rest of the season.
Richard Rossbauer
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Business Web Design Basics

Business Web Design Basics
– 5 Part eCourse covers some basic web design techniques that you can use to improve the look, function, usability and profitability of a business website.

The lessons are an introduction to the basic aspects of good web design and design criteria for attractive, functional and user-friendly business websites.

The lessons include Topics on
* Site Navigation * meta Tags
* effective use of Images
* Page design * Site Loading Time
* Site Maps * Monetization
* Search Engine Optimization
* and tons more.

PROs -Good basic design principles are covered including the Importance of easy Navigation, useful Content, Sitemaps, SEO and Building Search Engine friendly ages, and for Internet Marketers – Payment processors.  After completing the lessons, you will know what is necessary in a good business website.

CON. Although the course does a pretty good job of advising what to watch out for, and what to avoid, it doesn’t cover how to build a website.

It’s much easier to build a website today than it was just a few years ago. WordPress, Blogger and many more platforms are available for building your own site or for having a site built for you.

If hiring a webmaster is the route you take, after taking this course you will know whether or not your webmaster has done a good job for you.

But there is a lot more required for a successful business website today – especially since more than 50% of online visits to business sites are currently made through a mobile device – a whole new, and bit more tricky approach to business website design.

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Mobile Computing – 5 part eCourse – If you have questions about taking your business to the next level – mobile computing – the answers you are looking for are reviewed in this free ecourse. Topics include benefits, possible disadvantages, competition and more.

There is a discussion on exactly what mobile computing is and what it can do for a business. Also reviewed is the emergence of Mobile Commerce and how it affects a business.

Some of the common myths associated with mobile computing that may be clouding your judgment are touched on. There is also a look at some of the disadvantages of mobile computing, so that you can decide whether or not it is a good fit for your business.

PRO – the course provides a kind of wake up call for businesses that haven’t paid much attention to the incredible strides of mobile technology.

CON – the impact of the course information could be more emphatic. It doesn’t mention QR Code advertising and smartphone apps.

Register for the free eCourse here –

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What the Heck is PLR?

what-the-heck-is-PLR-stickyWhat the Heck is PLR? This 5 Part eLearning course has been packaged for quick results – PLR content means different things to different people. The answers are in this eCourse

You and I may be familiar with PLR, but to many web visitors, it’s just another acronym without much meaning

… and PLR content means different things to different people. But overall, it
refers to content that you are given rights to use by the original author. You can
add your name as the author, change it, add to it, sell it and sometimes even give it away

Here’s what the course covers

* What the heck is PLR content?
* How to find the best PLR content
* What you should NEVER do with PLR content
* How to create Unique products using PLR content
* The easiest products you will ever create

PROs – This is an experiment in presenting the course material in a slightly different format –

It’s actually available as a Complete Learning Manual in one downloadable PDF file rather than 5 individual lessons delivered over a period of days.  It’s a quick read and no fluff.

CONs – Seemed as if the course was over too quickly after starting it. (Probably be a good ideas to print it after reading through it and putting it in your Marketing library for ready reference).

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are faced with daily- the Body Language of people with whom we communicate. This is a 5 part ecourse on the Basics of Understanding Body Language

It’s the basic information that will help you learn to quickly recognize the signs and signals that people are sending you through their body language.

The lessons also include helpful tips on successful dating and relationship building.

A few of the key points –

1. recognize and interpret the signs and signals that people are sending you with their body language.

2. how basic movements and gestures that people use in everyday conversations can all have different meanings in different circumstances.

3. how to quickly spot whether or not somebody is being honest or dishonest with you, just by the way they move certain parts of their bodies!

4. why eye contact is considered the strongest Young couple sharing champagne glasses in restaurant, celebratinform of body language and how you can discover the big meanings and indications behind them!

PROs – A truly exciting eCourse! I read the lessons with great interest and an anxiousness to read the next, and the next – right up to the very last lesson.

CONs – If there any Cons here, it’s that you have to wait a couple of days for
the next lesson to arrive in your email.

Register for the  Body Language eCourse

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much of the available lesson material at the

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Bring Multimedia Into Your Business

Bring Multi Media Into Your Business
5 Part course – Adding Multimedia to your Website is easy when you know how.  The FREE eCourse lessons cover Simple Techniques that could Increase Leads and Sales.
Bringing multimedia into a business

The course suggests methods on How to Compete and grab a full share of attention online.

It presents techniques to promote a website, a blog, a business and its products using audio and video —

1. How to Add Audio to Your Site.
2. How to Add Video to Your Site.
3. How to Capture Attention Using Video Demos
2. Easy Multimedia Content – Interviews
3. Hosting Teleseminars for Traffic
4. How to Market Your Blog & Business With Videos
… and more

PROs – The course is well written and easy to follow, with enough ideas for any business person to understand and expand their use of dozens of
Multimedia techniques. Employing the suggestions and ideas should eliminate, or minimize time spent on a trial/error approach.

CONs – Hard to find anything negative in this presentation. It definitely contains an abundance of information – probably too much to assimilate and utilize without saving, even printing for ready desktop reference

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are  quite capable of performing – being polite. It might not always be easy, though, and this  eCourse has some suggestions on getting past those possibly embarrassing encounters.

5 Day eCourse reviews how to be more successful in situations involving daily interpersonal contacts as well as working with business clients, leading to more personal success in career development.

practice proper business ettiquette

Each lesson is themed on a specific topic, all of which are expanded in the content material. The topics cover –

* proper workplace etiquette.
* proper phone etiquette during business related calls
* proper etiquette during a business meeting.
* proper etiquette during instant message (IM)
* proper business conversations.
* proper online business etiquette

PROs – Although much of the material covers what most of us automatically do to be polite and professional in our interpersonal contacts, there are some nuances that can be easily overlooked. They are highlighted in the course material.

CONs – There’s too much here  to be beneficial from a quick read-thru. As polite and genteel as most of us feel we are, a second read thru, even taking note of, and employing the subtleties could help enhance and polish our professional images.

Register for the  Business Etiquette Review eCourse here –

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QR Codes for Businesses

QR Codes  for Businesses – 5 lesson eCourse – What they are, how to use them for your business to attract people to your store, your websites, in your personal branding and a lot more – and how to create your own QR Code –

ICANsiteRchardPresentsPROs – For the three-month average period ending in May, 2012,  234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices. Nearly 110 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in May, 2012 (up 5 percent versus February). The QR code images seen in so many places invite those smartphone users to Scan and click for the information behind them.

UPDATE Feb 14, 2014  
It’s currently estimated that there are over 1,300,000 androids, not counting iPhones, being  activated – every day – worldwide.
It’s also estimated that there are over 480 million Android devices. That’s an astounding number because it doesn’t even include iPhones

This course presents dozens of ways that businesses and marketers can take advantage of this awesome growth of smartphone users –  to promote products and services and to make it easier for those users to locate, and call for instant answers to their questions.  They key here is “Instant”

The course is well written and easy to follow, with enough ideas for any business person to understand and expand their use of this advertising and marketing method.

CONs – Hard to find anything negative about QR Code marketing. Success with this method  depends upon where the QR Code images are placed, and how relevant they are to the local targeted market.

All 5 sessions are available in one downloadable PDF file for $4.95 – a real time saver, and a handy reference.

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

The Consolidated total course in one  PDF file is available here –

Get your own personal QR Codes and Smartphone APPs to send business to your websites, blogs and store, including a personal Virtual Business Card, all Free, and receive chances on winning an iPad Mini –

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 Garage Sales Profits – FREE Seven (7) Complete Lessons. How to plan, organize, find inventory, and make some Extra spending money with your own “Super Garage or Yard Sale”

There are several choices available for getting rid of unused things. Clothes, toys, shoes and books can be donated to charity or thrown away in the trash.

However, there is a better option which can earn the owner additional cash in a short time.

Many people get very excited about garage sales as a type of alternative shopping. Professional buyers even look out for garage sales to make sure they’ll be the first ones to find worthwhile and valuable treasures – possibly for them to resell on eBay.

PROs – there are enough ideas in this course to maximize the money realized from a well planned and operated Garage or Yard sale. Good advice, too, on avoiding many of the potential problems with local authorities and the more aggressive experienced Yard Sale shoppers.

CONs – the total eCourse  is spread out over nearly 2 weeks – probably too long for first time or lessor experienced families to properly plan and execute a really successful sale, especially if they are conducting a community selling event.

Register for the  Garage Sales Profits eCourse here –

The complete eBook “How to Make Money from Garage Sales”  available at
is a much quicker resource and future handy reference Guide.

PLUS – there’s a BONUS SHOPPER’s GUIDE included in the Garage Sale Guide ebook.
For NEXT Issue we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like landscaping, more on gardening, whatever – Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews.

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LinkedIn™ for Business eCourse

LinkedIn™ for Business eCourse – 5 Lessons – LinkedIn™ is a business-focused social networking site. The majority of its members are online entrepreneurs,  business owners, marketers, and all sorts of business-oriented individuals. This fact alone makes the social site a must-have for business owners.
As of this posting, over 135 million professionals are reported to use LinkedIn™ to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Linkedin™ ranks within the top three Social Sites.

Whether promoting a new product or service, looking to hire new employees, or simply marketing your business as a whole, LinkedIn™ provides an abundance of tools and resources to help  accomplish all these goals.

Trying to learn all of the ins and outs of Linkedin™ by yourself is possible, but there are so many features and benefits within this Social behemoth, that some outside guidance is really essential, especially if you are promoting your business.

If creating a LinkedIn™ profile for your business is an effective business strategy, this short course with 5 lessons can save your hours of lost time and should get you results fairly quickly. The course covers:

Setting up a business profile
  √ How to participate in groups and events
Using LinkedIn™ Answers to ask questions, answer questions posted by
other members, browse through the posted queries and solutions
Using LinkedIn™ company pages for promoting your business.
How to use LinkedIn™ applications on your blog, Twitter account app,
Amazon Reading List app,  Boxnet and Company Buzz apps,

and there are more

PRO: It’s an Easy and Quick read, with important promotional suggestions and tips that might not have come to mind, otherwise.

CON: The lessons are primarily directed toward promoting a business – learning how to promote yourself for employment is not really covered in this course.

eCourse registration link:

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Vegetable Garden Pest Control – 5 Lessons – The lessons are written to help home gardeners get a better understanding about the pests that invade home vegetable gardens and how to control them.

Much of the published information on plant diseases, garden insects and other garden invaders fills pages and pages with very professional and technical data.

PRO: These lessons are quite simple and cover the most common vegetable plant diseases and pests with advice on treating whatever problems they may present.

Kind of a bonus with each lesson is a list of common vegetables and the pests that attack them, plus the formulas for 4 natural pesticides that can be made from safe ingredients at home

CON: You need a vegetable garden to make the best use of this course.

eCourse registration link:

Leaf loper

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Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering much of the available lesson material at the eCourse Directory

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