Business Web Design Basics

Business Web Design Basics
– 5 Part eCourse covers some basic web design techniques that you can use to improve the look, function, usability and profitability of a business website.

The lessons are an introduction to the basic aspects of good web design and design criteria for attractive, functional and user-friendly business websites.

The lessons include Topics on
* Site Navigation * meta Tags
* effective use of Images
* Page design * Site Loading Time
* Site Maps * Monetization
* Search Engine Optimization
* and tons more.

PROs -Good basic design principles are covered including the Importance of easy Navigation, useful Content, Sitemaps, SEO and Building Search Engine friendly ages, and for Internet Marketers – Payment processors.  After completing the lessons, you will know what is necessary in a good business website.

CON. Although the course does a pretty good job of advising what to watch out for, and what to avoid, it doesn’t cover how to build a website.

It’s much easier to build a website today than it was just a few years ago. WordPress, Blogger and many more platforms are available for building your own site or for having a site built for you.

If hiring a webmaster is the route you take, after taking this course you will know whether or not your webmaster has done a good job for you.

But there is a lot more required for a successful business website today – especially since more than 50% of online visits to business sites are currently made through a mobile device – a whole new, and bit more tricky approach to business website design.

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Mobile Computing – 5 part eCourse – If you have questions about taking your business to the next level – mobile computing – the answers you are looking for are reviewed in this free ecourse. Topics include benefits, possible disadvantages, competition and more.

There is a discussion on exactly what mobile computing is and what it can do for a business. Also reviewed is the emergence of Mobile Commerce and how it affects a business.

Some of the common myths associated with mobile computing that may be clouding your judgment are touched on. There is also a look at some of the disadvantages of mobile computing, so that you can decide whether or not it is a good fit for your business.

PRO – the course provides a kind of wake up call for businesses that haven’t paid much attention to the incredible strides of mobile technology.

CON – the impact of the course information could be more emphatic. It doesn’t mention QR Code advertising and smartphone apps.

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