Bring Multimedia Into Your Business

Bring Multi Media Into Your Business
5 Part course – Adding Multimedia to your Website is easy when you know how.  The FREE eCourse lessons cover Simple Techniques that could Increase Leads and Sales.
Bringing multimedia into a business

The course suggests methods on How to Compete and grab a full share of attention online.

It presents techniques to promote a website, a blog, a business and its products using audio and video —

1. How to Add Audio to Your Site.
2. How to Add Video to Your Site.
3. How to Capture Attention Using Video Demos
2. Easy Multimedia Content – Interviews
3. Hosting Teleseminars for Traffic
4. How to Market Your Blog & Business With Videos
… and more

PROs – The course is well written and easy to follow, with enough ideas for any business person to understand and expand their use of dozens of
Multimedia techniques. Employing the suggestions and ideas should eliminate, or minimize time spent on a trial/error approach.

CONs – Hard to find anything negative in this presentation. It definitely contains an abundance of information – probably too much to assimilate and utilize without saving, even printing for ready desktop reference

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are  quite capable of performing – being polite. It might not always be easy, though, and this  eCourse has some suggestions on getting past those possibly embarrassing encounters.

5 Day eCourse reviews how to be more successful in situations involving daily interpersonal contacts as well as working with business clients, leading to more personal success in career development.

practice proper business ettiquette

Each lesson is themed on a specific topic, all of which are expanded in the content material. The topics cover –

* proper workplace etiquette.
* proper phone etiquette during business related calls
* proper etiquette during a business meeting.
* proper etiquette during instant message (IM)
* proper business conversations.
* proper online business etiquette

PROs – Although much of the material covers what most of us automatically do to be polite and professional in our interpersonal contacts, there are some nuances that can be easily overlooked. They are highlighted in the course material.

CONs – There’s too much here  to be beneficial from a quick read-thru. As polite and genteel as most of us feel we are, a second read thru, even taking note of, and employing the subtleties could help enhance and polish our professional images.

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