What the Heck is PLR?

what-the-heck-is-PLR-stickyWhat the Heck is PLR? This 5 Part eLearning course has been packaged for quick results – PLR content means different things to different people. The answers are in this eCourse

You and I may be familiar with PLR, but to many web visitors, it’s just another acronym without much meaning

… and PLR content means different things to different people. But overall, it
refers to content that you are given rights to use by the original author. You can
add your name as the author, change it, add to it, sell it and sometimes even give it away

Here’s what the course covers

* What the heck is PLR content?
* How to find the best PLR content
* What you should NEVER do with PLR content
* How to create Unique products using PLR content
* The easiest products you will ever create

PROs – This is an experiment in presenting the course material in a slightly different format –

It’s actually available as a Complete Learning Manual in one downloadable PDF file rather than 5 individual lessons delivered over a period of days.  It’s a quick read and no fluff.

CONs – Seemed as if the course was over too quickly after starting it. (Probably be a good ideas to print it after reading through it and putting it in your Marketing library for ready reference).

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are faced with daily- the Body Language of people with whom we communicate. This is a 5 part ecourse on the Basics of Understanding Body Language

It’s the basic information that will help you learn to quickly recognize the signs and signals that people are sending you through their body language.

The lessons also include helpful tips on successful dating and relationship building.

A few of the key points –

1. recognize and interpret the signs and signals that people are sending you with their body language.

2. how basic movements and gestures that people use in everyday conversations can all have different meanings in different circumstances.

3. how to quickly spot whether or not somebody is being honest or dishonest with you, just by the way they move certain parts of their bodies!

4. why eye contact is considered the strongest Young couple sharing champagne glasses in restaurant, celebratinform of body language and how you can discover the big meanings and indications behind them!

PROs – A truly exciting eCourse! I read the lessons with great interest and an anxiousness to read the next, and the next – right up to the very last lesson.

CONs – If there any Cons here, it’s that you have to wait a couple of days for
the next lesson to arrive in your email.

Register for the  Body Language eCourse

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