Bring Multimedia Into Your Business

Bring Multi Media Into Your Business
5 Part course – Adding Multimedia to your Website is easy when you know how.  The FREE eCourse lessons cover Simple Techniques that could Increase Leads and Sales.
Bringing multimedia into a business

The course suggests methods on How to Compete and grab a full share of attention online.

It presents techniques to promote a website, a blog, a business and its products using audio and video —

1. How to Add Audio to Your Site.
2. How to Add Video to Your Site.
3. How to Capture Attention Using Video Demos
2. Easy Multimedia Content – Interviews
3. Hosting Teleseminars for Traffic
4. How to Market Your Blog & Business With Videos
… and more

PROs – The course is well written and easy to follow, with enough ideas for any business person to understand and expand their use of dozens of
Multimedia techniques. Employing the suggestions and ideas should eliminate, or minimize time spent on a trial/error approach.

CONs – Hard to find anything negative in this presentation. It definitely contains an abundance of information – probably too much to assimilate and utilize without saving, even printing for ready desktop reference

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are  quite capable of performing – being polite. It might not always be easy, though, and this  eCourse has some suggestions on getting past those possibly embarrassing encounters.

5 Day eCourse reviews how to be more successful in situations involving daily interpersonal contacts as well as working with business clients, leading to more personal success in career development.

practice proper business ettiquette

Each lesson is themed on a specific topic, all of which are expanded in the content material. The topics cover –

* proper workplace etiquette.
* proper phone etiquette during business related calls
* proper etiquette during a business meeting.
* proper etiquette during instant message (IM)
* proper business conversations.
* proper online business etiquette

PROs – Although much of the material covers what most of us automatically do to be polite and professional in our interpersonal contacts, there are some nuances that can be easily overlooked. They are highlighted in the course material.

CONs – There’s too much here  to be beneficial from a quick read-thru. As polite and genteel as most of us feel we are, a second read thru, even taking note of, and employing the subtleties could help enhance and polish our professional images.

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QR Codes for Businesses

QR Codes  for Businesses – 5 lesson eCourse – What they are, how to use them for your business to attract people to your store, your websites, in your personal branding and a lot more – and how to create your own QR Code –

ICANsiteRchardPresentsPROs – For the three-month average period ending in May, 2012,  234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices. Nearly 110 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in May, 2012 (up 5 percent versus February). The QR code images seen in so many places invite those smartphone users to Scan and click for the information behind them.

UPDATE Feb 14, 2014  
It’s currently estimated that there are over 1,300,000 androids, not counting iPhones, being  activated – every day – worldwide.
It’s also estimated that there are over 480 million Android devices. That’s an astounding number because it doesn’t even include iPhones

This course presents dozens of ways that businesses and marketers can take advantage of this awesome growth of smartphone users –  to promote products and services and to make it easier for those users to locate, and call for instant answers to their questions.  They key here is “Instant”

The course is well written and easy to follow, with enough ideas for any business person to understand and expand their use of this advertising and marketing method.

CONs – Hard to find anything negative about QR Code marketing. Success with this method  depends upon where the QR Code images are placed, and how relevant they are to the local targeted market.

All 5 sessions are available in one downloadable PDF file for $4.95 – a real time saver, and a handy reference.

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

The Consolidated total course in one  PDF file is available here –

Get your own personal QR Codes and Smartphone APPs to send business to your websites, blogs and store, including a personal Virtual Business Card, all Free, and receive chances on winning an iPad Mini –

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 Garage Sales Profits – FREE Seven (7) Complete Lessons. How to plan, organize, find inventory, and make some Extra spending money with your own “Super Garage or Yard Sale”

There are several choices available for getting rid of unused things. Clothes, toys, shoes and books can be donated to charity or thrown away in the trash.

However, there is a better option which can earn the owner additional cash in a short time.

Many people get very excited about garage sales as a type of alternative shopping. Professional buyers even look out for garage sales to make sure they’ll be the first ones to find worthwhile and valuable treasures – possibly for them to resell on eBay.

PROs – there are enough ideas in this course to maximize the money realized from a well planned and operated Garage or Yard sale. Good advice, too, on avoiding many of the potential problems with local authorities and the more aggressive experienced Yard Sale shoppers.

CONs – the total eCourse  is spread out over nearly 2 weeks – probably too long for first time or lessor experienced families to properly plan and execute a really successful sale, especially if they are conducting a community selling event.

Register for the  Garage Sales Profits eCourse here –

The complete eBook “How to Make Money from Garage Sales”  available at
is a much quicker resource and future handy reference Guide.

PLUS – there’s a BONUS SHOPPER’s GUIDE included in the Garage Sale Guide ebook.
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LinkedIn™ for Business eCourse

LinkedIn™ for Business eCourse – 5 Lessons – LinkedIn™ is a business-focused social networking site. The majority of its members are online entrepreneurs,  business owners, marketers, and all sorts of business-oriented individuals. This fact alone makes the social site a must-have for business owners.
As of this posting, over 135 million professionals are reported to use LinkedIn™ to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Linkedin™ ranks within the top three Social Sites.

Whether promoting a new product or service, looking to hire new employees, or simply marketing your business as a whole, LinkedIn™ provides an abundance of tools and resources to help  accomplish all these goals.

Trying to learn all of the ins and outs of Linkedin™ by yourself is possible, but there are so many features and benefits within this Social behemoth, that some outside guidance is really essential, especially if you are promoting your business.

If creating a LinkedIn™ profile for your business is an effective business strategy, this short course with 5 lessons can save your hours of lost time and should get you results fairly quickly. The course covers:

Setting up a business profile
  √ How to participate in groups and events
Using LinkedIn™ Answers to ask questions, answer questions posted by
other members, browse through the posted queries and solutions
Using LinkedIn™ company pages for promoting your business.
How to use LinkedIn™ applications on your blog, Twitter account app,
Amazon Reading List app,  Boxnet and Company Buzz apps,

and there are more

PRO: It’s an Easy and Quick read, with important promotional suggestions and tips that might not have come to mind, otherwise.

CON: The lessons are primarily directed toward promoting a business – learning how to promote yourself for employment is not really covered in this course.

eCourse registration link:

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Vegetable Garden Pest Control – 5 Lessons – The lessons are written to help home gardeners get a better understanding about the pests that invade home vegetable gardens and how to control them.

Much of the published information on plant diseases, garden insects and other garden invaders fills pages and pages with very professional and technical data.

PRO: These lessons are quite simple and cover the most common vegetable plant diseases and pests with advice on treating whatever problems they may present.

Kind of a bonus with each lesson is a list of common vegetables and the pests that attack them, plus the formulas for 4 natural pesticides that can be made from safe ingredients at home

CON: You need a vegetable garden to make the best use of this course.

eCourse registration link:

Leaf loper

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Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering much of the available lesson material at the eCourse Directory

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Social Media Marketing Review

This week we’re going to take a look at a subject that can be a bit confusing for many beginning Internet Marketers – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing eCourse –    10 lessons  start with an Introduction to Social Media Marketing and cover ‘some’ of the Social Media Sites on the Internet. The lessons review how you can  Boost Business Profits  with sites like Twitter, facebook, StumbledUpon, Digg, and the latest hot and fast growing site – Tobri.

The activities and growth of Social media are continuously developing so rapidly that it’s difficult to stay abreast. This course, although it covers many of the Social media sites, does not touch on the latest developments, but does provide beginners, and even more experienced Social media buffs with a broad background to help them get onboard the Social Media express.

Do you remember when businesses, small and large, focused lots of time and energy on advertising? When nearly all businesses placed an ad in the local Yellow Pages? Social media is the Yellow Pages on steroids!

Through social media, you can market your business and services worldwide, educate consumers, receive feedback from customers, run special promotions, provide coupons to targeted audiences, and more. AND YOU CAN DO SO EASILY AND AFFORDABLY. The power of social media is almost limitless for small and large businesses.

There are dozens of social media sites all of which have unique features, users and possibilities for marketing a business. In this 10 day e-course, you get an overview of the top social media sites and ways that you can use each site to promote your business. The social media sites included are:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Digg
• StumbleUpon
• Squidoo
• Ning
• YouTube
•  Tobri

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, it’s important to start with the end in mind. So before you jump on board with any of the social media sites, the eCourse authors recommend that you spend time developing a social media strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Check out the Social Media Marketing eCourse here ->
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This week’s second Review – Antiquing. When it comes to antique collecting, the more knowledgeable you are, the better the chance of finding valuable items. It’s always best to educate yourself and these 5 FREE Lessons will help you get started with tips like these –

Tips for Attending a Live Auction
How to Value Your Collectibles
Buying Collectibles on the Internet
Taking Care of Your Antiques
Can You Profit From Antique Collecting?
And More –

The course has a lot of material that will be familiar to experienced antique collectors but will really help the beginner avoid  some of the potential pitfalls they will face when working with antique dealers and auction houses. It’s certainly not a complete education in “Antiquing”. There are. however links in the lessons leading to much more sophisticated and advanced considerations, like restoration, pricing, bidding, etc.

It’s a fun type eCourse.
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