What the Heck is PLR?

what-the-heck-is-PLR-stickyWhat the Heck is PLR? This 5 Part eLearning course has been packaged for quick results – PLR content means different things to different people. The answers are in this eCourse

You and I may be familiar with PLR, but to many web visitors, it’s just another acronym without much meaning

… and PLR content means different things to different people. But overall, it
refers to content that you are given rights to use by the original author. You can
add your name as the author, change it, add to it, sell it and sometimes even give it away

Here’s what the course covers

* What the heck is PLR content?
* How to find the best PLR content
* What you should NEVER do with PLR content
* How to create Unique products using PLR content
* The easiest products you will ever create

PROs – This is an experiment in presenting the course material in a slightly different format –

It’s actually available as a Complete Learning Manual in one downloadable PDF file rather than 5 individual lessons delivered over a period of days.  It’s a quick read and no fluff.

CONs – Seemed as if the course was over too quickly after starting it. (Probably be a good ideas to print it after reading through it and putting it in your Marketing library for ready reference).

The 5 lesson  eCourse registration page is available here –

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Our Second review for this blog issue covers a topic that most of us are faced with daily- the Body Language of people with whom we communicate. This is a 5 part ecourse on the Basics of Understanding Body Language

It’s the basic information that will help you learn to quickly recognize the signs and signals that people are sending you through their body language.

The lessons also include helpful tips on successful dating and relationship building.

A few of the key points –

1. recognize and interpret the signs and signals that people are sending you with their body language.

2. how basic movements and gestures that people use in everyday conversations can all have different meanings in different circumstances.

3. how to quickly spot whether or not somebody is being honest or dishonest with you, just by the way they move certain parts of their bodies!

4. why eye contact is considered the strongest Young couple sharing champagne glasses in restaurant, celebratinform of body language and how you can discover the big meanings and indications behind them!

PROs – A truly exciting eCourse! I read the lessons with great interest and an anxiousness to read the next, and the next – right up to the very last lesson.

CONs – If there any Cons here, it’s that you have to wait a couple of days for
the next lesson to arrive in your email.

Register for the  Body Language eCourse

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Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering
much of the available lesson material at the RichardPresents.com

eCourse Directory

Understanding Outsourcing

Internet Marketing and Outsourcing work well together.

Most Internet marketers employ at least some degree of outsourcing. The most common  are copywriting and website design.

This “Understanding Outsourcing” eCourse covers what you need to know to use Sub-Contractors, Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing effectively and safely.

The course touches on the Pros of Outsourcing. The first four lessons explain what outsourcing involves, advantages, where to go for outsourcing assistance and how to protect yourself when contracting out your work.

The Cons:  are covered in Lesson 5 – “When you should give second thoughts to the practice and NOT go out for assistance”.

For those marketers, or business owners who have not tried sub-contracting, it’s an easy to follow familiarization of the practice.

My Opinion: The course might be considered as a refresher for the more experienced marketers or business owners, but probably doesn’t contain any earth shattering breakthrough tricks.

Here’s the link to the subscription page for this 5 part “Understanding Outsourcing” eCourse

This week’s second Review –”Super Simple Money Saving Tips” certainly is  timely
and important during these days of increasing costs, reduced work hours for many. and
nearly impossible opportunities to save for the future.

The Tips are to the point and easy to implement, so  even if a person is too busy or think they’re too broke to start saving for their future, they’ll find simple ways to start cutting costs and saving money right away.

From using coupons, negotiating lower credit card interest rates, making wish lists, buying in bulk, to turning off lights when not in use, these 30 Tips (in 15 lessons arriving in the email every other day) definitely appear to be  practical and doable.

My Opinion: No doubt, most people are doing many of these cost saving practices already,
but with this broad coverage, they could surely pick up a few more money saving ideas.

Link to the registration page for 15 Lessons and 30+ tips here-


Something a little different this week –
Guest Reviewer Nichole Dean looks at “Yummy PLR

Product Description: Private label rights (PLR) recipes and food articles membership site.
They also sell individual PLR article and recipe packs.

Who This Product is Intended For: Website and blog owners in the food, cooking or recipe
niches. Parent focused website and blog owners.

Uses: Pre-written content in the form of articles and recipes for website owners to use on
their blogs, websites, newsletters, products, reports, and more.

Pros: The articles and recipes are well written and low priced. At this time members receive
10 new articles and 30 new recipes each month. Individual packs sell for $10 each and
include either 10 articles or 30 recipes.

They provide suggested affiliate programs to compliment the articles and recipes as well.

Every month members receive an email with a link to download their new content, but in
order to receive it they must sign up with their name and email address when receiving their
first month’s content. No passwords or login links to remember.

Cons:  As with other PLR sites, YummyPLR content is not just yours. They are however
capping their membership at 250 members. The individual packs aren’t limited. However,
anyone who uses PLR the way it should be realizes the key to using it properly is to rewrite it
and make it your own.

So, this drawback is not just for YummyPLR, but all PLR sites.

Personal Opinion: If your readers love to eat then they’ll love reading YummyPLR on
your site!

YummyPLR gives me quality content to share with my readers while saving me time
(it’s available when I need it).  …...Nichole Dean

Where you can Buy it: http://www.yummyplr.com/
(Not an affiliate link)

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How to Write Captivating Articles

How to Write Captivating Articles That can Increase your Web Presence and bring you more traffic.

This 5 part course is more a review of workable tips than lessons – but they will contribute to developing or improving your web presence – which, of course is important to eventually bring traffic to your website,

A recognizable web presence will help encourage people to visit and revisit your web sites, blogs and sales pages.  The greater your web presence, the sooner your name, website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or even expert in your niche or field.

Writing Informative or Entertaining Articles is a proven step in building your personal brand. Add these 5 basic tips to your own library of writing tools, they’ll help you
”Write Articles that Captivate Your Readers” .

After the first few lessons, which cover the authors “5 Basic Tips”, there are a few followup messages that contain some bonus tools and additional reports aimed at helping with Captivating Article creation.

Here’s the link to register for this course –

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This week’s second Review –” Using all of the PLR you’ve Saved
How to Use PLR – Other than to Fill up Your PC’s Hard Drive

If you have a hard drive full of private label content just sitting there  – taking up space and you’re ready to finally use it to improve your business, then you should check out this 10 part eCourse

So, what does using PLR  mean for Article writers, bloggers and web masters? It means:

1. You don’t have to spend the time writing your own content  from scratch,
2. There’s no need to pay a ghostwriter to write articles,  newsletter content, etc.
3. You can create content that brings your readers back  again and again.
4. It can be used over and over in various forms.

What do people want when they go online to search for something? People want info and, if your website content gives them the information they are looking for, they’ll stick with you. PLR can be your answer to providing that searched for content – and you may already have it stored away on your hard drive.  Now’s a good time to learn how to maximize it’s use.

Here’s the registration link to “Using all of the PLR you’ve Saved” eCourse –

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Social Media Marketing Review

This week we’re going to take a look at a subject that can be a bit confusing for many beginning Internet Marketers – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing eCourse –    10 lessons  start with an Introduction to Social Media Marketing and cover ‘some’ of the Social Media Sites on the Internet. The lessons review how you can  Boost Business Profits  with sites like Twitter, facebook, StumbledUpon, Digg, and the latest hot and fast growing site – Tobri.

The activities and growth of Social media are continuously developing so rapidly that it’s difficult to stay abreast. This course, although it covers many of the Social media sites, does not touch on the latest developments, but does provide beginners, and even more experienced Social media buffs with a broad background to help them get onboard the Social Media express.

Do you remember when businesses, small and large, focused lots of time and energy on advertising? When nearly all businesses placed an ad in the local Yellow Pages? Social media is the Yellow Pages on steroids!

Through social media, you can market your business and services worldwide, educate consumers, receive feedback from customers, run special promotions, provide coupons to targeted audiences, and more. AND YOU CAN DO SO EASILY AND AFFORDABLY. The power of social media is almost limitless for small and large businesses.

There are dozens of social media sites all of which have unique features, users and possibilities for marketing a business. In this 10 day e-course, you get an overview of the top social media sites and ways that you can use each site to promote your business. The social media sites included are:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Digg
• StumbleUpon
• Squidoo
• Ning
• YouTube
•  Tobri

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, it’s important to start with the end in mind. So before you jump on board with any of the social media sites, the eCourse authors recommend that you spend time developing a social media strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Check out the Social Media Marketing eCourse here ->
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This week’s second Review – Antiquing. When it comes to antique collecting, the more knowledgeable you are, the better the chance of finding valuable items. It’s always best to educate yourself and these 5 FREE Lessons will help you get started with tips like these –

Tips for Attending a Live Auction
How to Value Your Collectibles
Buying Collectibles on the Internet
Taking Care of Your Antiques
Can You Profit From Antique Collecting?
And More –

The course has a lot of material that will be familiar to experienced antique collectors but will really help the beginner avoid  some of the potential pitfalls they will face when working with antique dealers and auction houses. It’s certainly not a complete education in “Antiquing”. There are. however links in the lessons leading to much more sophisticated and advanced considerations, like restoration, pricing, bidding, etc.

It’s a fun type eCourse.
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Product Creation – a 6 part Crash Course

This week we’re going to take a look at a subject that is difficult to start for many beginning Internet Marketers – Product Creation

The Product Creation Crash Course will help you Learn All About Overcoming Anxiety, Establishing your Attack Mode,  How to Research Topics,  Selecting Your Product Niche, Determining Profit Potential,  Selecting Your Product Type,  Using Forums in your Research,  Finding Quality Content, Putting it All Together –  Creating your Very Own Product –  in 6 Powerful Lessons.

The first lesson warms you up to what’s ahead – how you should think about what  you are planning to undertake.

By the second lesson, you’ll be into the step by step creation of your first product and into Lesson 3, where you get down to the actual development of a potentially profitable product theme.

All of these lessons are somewhat extensive, and the author’s suggestion to print them and file off line in a binder makes a lot of sense – because re-reading  or reviewing will be very helpful as you work up the details of your product. You’ll soon find  how convenient a hard copy will be.

Here’s the sign up link –

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Get outside for a break and some good healthy exercise – that will lead to a few extra dollars in your pocket and a lot of freed up space in your garage, attic, cellar and home.

Have a Garage or Yard Sale !
A sure way to realize the maximum results for your effort is to have a plan, and that’s exactly what the “Garage Sales Profit eCourse” will help you achieve. FREE Seven (7) Complete Lessons. How to plan, organize, find inventory, and make some Extra spending money with your own “Super Garage or Yard Sale”. You’ll learn how to avoid the errors and mistakes that keep others from making the most profits from their Garage sales

Here’s the link to your Free Garage Sales Profit eCourse

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For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like Antiquing, Vacation Cruising, whatever – bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews