Developing An Economical Mobile Marketing Campaign for a Small Business

Seems as if we see and read about the skyrocketing trend of Mobile activities everywhere we turn. And while thousands and thousands of people are buying smartphones and tablets, there are still many local businesses who are unable to engage with those potential customers and clients at the mobile level.

eCourse Review 

“Developing An Economical Mobile Marketing Campaign for Your Small Business”
–  10 Lesson Course.
A How-To study on properly Engaging with the hundreds of local shoppers who use their Smart Phones and Tablets to find local Restaurants, look for Coupon Promotions, to locate Churches, Clothing Stores, Professional Offices, Repair Shops, and just about every Retail business in their communities, possibly including yours.


The course is presented as as pdf file. Easy to read with Adobe Acrobat, these
10 Sections appear to cover the essential issues for anyone who does not have a mobile friendly website and an instant way to contact cusomers who are on the go.

1. Getting Familiar with Mobile marketing
2. Why Mobile Devices are Irresistible and Compelling
3. The Psychology of Mobile Users
4. Content for Mobile Marketing
5. How to Make your Content Mobile
6. Planning for your Mobile marketing campaign
7. Hidden Snags to Watch for
8. Coupons are a Popular choice for Incentives
9. About Voice Messages
10. Testing Your Content

The course does present some affordable solutions for starting a Mobile marketing Campaign.

Creating one campaign for all of the different makes and models of portable digital devices
with their varying screen sizes and operating systems can get difficult.

Privacy is always an important issue and mobile marketers must respect their customers and clients who optin to receive text message alerts and sales promotions.

What’s in this eCourse?

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Business Web Design Basics

Business Web Design Basics
– 5 Part eCourse covers some basic web design techniques that you can use to improve the look, function, usability and profitability of a business website.

The lessons are an introduction to the basic aspects of good web design and design criteria for attractive, functional and user-friendly business websites.

The lessons include Topics on
* Site Navigation * meta Tags
* effective use of Images
* Page design * Site Loading Time
* Site Maps * Monetization
* Search Engine Optimization
* and tons more.

PROs -Good basic design principles are covered including the Importance of easy Navigation, useful Content, Sitemaps, SEO and Building Search Engine friendly ages, and for Internet Marketers – Payment processors.  After completing the lessons, you will know what is necessary in a good business website.

CON. Although the course does a pretty good job of advising what to watch out for, and what to avoid, it doesn’t cover how to build a website.

It’s much easier to build a website today than it was just a few years ago. WordPress, Blogger and many more platforms are available for building your own site or for having a site built for you.

If hiring a webmaster is the route you take, after taking this course you will know whether or not your webmaster has done a good job for you.

But there is a lot more required for a successful business website today – especially since more than 50% of online visits to business sites are currently made through a mobile device – a whole new, and bit more tricky approach to business website design.

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Mobile Computing – 5 part eCourse – If you have questions about taking your business to the next level – mobile computing – the answers you are looking for are reviewed in this free ecourse. Topics include benefits, possible disadvantages, competition and more.

There is a discussion on exactly what mobile computing is and what it can do for a business. Also reviewed is the emergence of Mobile Commerce and how it affects a business.

Some of the common myths associated with mobile computing that may be clouding your judgment are touched on. There is also a look at some of the disadvantages of mobile computing, so that you can decide whether or not it is a good fit for your business.

PRO – the course provides a kind of wake up call for businesses that haven’t paid much attention to the incredible strides of mobile technology.

CON – the impact of the course information could be more emphatic. It doesn’t mention QR Code advertising and smartphone apps.

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Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering
much of the available lesson material at the RichardPresents eCourse Directory