Profitable Pinterest Promotions

Profitable Pinterest Promotions – 5 loaded lessons, where you’ll discover how to pin images and photos from the Internet, computers, smart phones and from inside the Pinterest network using this popular Social Network site to promote your business, and have fun doing it.

PROs – well written and easy to follow,  and with the rapid growth and sky-rocketing popularity of  Pinterest, it’s even fun trying all of the tips and following all of the instructions.

CONs – focused mainly on business promotion, but still with enough How-to-do-it  advice to use Pinterest just for sharing and fun.

The 5 lesson  Course registration link is available here –

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2nd Review  – Antiquing for Beginners – 5 Part eCourse. Avoiding beginner’s mistakes – When it comes to antique collecting, the more knowledgeable you are, the better the chance of finding valuable items. The lessons include Tips for Attending a Live Auction,  How to Value Your Collectibles, Buying Collectibles on the Internet, insights into taking the best care of your antiques.

There is also a bonus eBook on Antique Furniture available from within the lessons.

PROs – there are enough ideas, tips, and solid advice here to paint the broad picture of understanding and collecting a variety of antique items without making serious mistakes.

CONs – the total eCourse  is spread out over about 2 weeks – probably sufficient time to absorb the basics of  understanding what’s actually taking place  at auctions – but not really enough knowledge to make any serious buys. That would require more hands on experience.

Register for the “Antiquing for Beginners” eCourse here –

For our NEXT POSTING we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like landscaping, more on gardening, whatever – Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t  miss any of our reviews.

Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering much of the available lesson material at the eCourse Directory

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