Profitable Blogging Tips

Profitable Blogging Tips Course – 15 information packed lessons to help you discover exactly how to successfully manage your own popular blog or weblog where you can write about your interests, update friends, post messages, and earn money

Never too soon to start bloggingStarting from the basics of “why blog” and ” selecting a topic”,  the first lesson leads a begining blogger to 14 additional easy to read lessons eventually covering a variety of methods a blogger might use to increase traffic and make some money for their efforts.

PROs – well written and easy to follow,  not too many ideas and suggestions dumped on the reader all at once. Plenty of time over the total course to sample and try many of the ‘tricks’ used by successful bloggers.

CONs – On the other hand, an anxious to learn and make money beginning blogger may find the two days seperating each of the 15 lessons just spreads it out too much. Fortunately, there is  a solution to that issue provided by the course creator.

All 15 sessons are available in one downloadable PDF file for $5.00 that can be resold  if the purchaser wishes to do so.

The 15 lesson Course registration link is available here –

The Consolidated total course PDF file can be ordered here –

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Frugal Family Fun Activities – How to do fun things, eat well,   save money and enjoy the pleasures of shared family activities in a very difficult economy.  The course covers Dozens of Ideas & Tips in each Lesson,  including –   FAMILY FUN Stuff,  Frugal Crafts for Kids,  Gardening for Food and Fun, etc

family caming in the Great OutdoorsFrugal Family Fun, for example, suggests Camping as an economical way to experience the great outdoors, and to get away and have a few laughs.

Weekend trips for a large family are more economical sometimes than taking a week’s vacation.

Have family picnics in local parks, many have cookout shelters and trails for running, cycling, or hiking, water activities, and playgrounds.

There is also a bonus report – “46 Backyard Play Ideas for Children

PROs – there are enough ideas  to keep a large family busy for a long time sharing economical family activities. In addition to the 7 basic lesson sessions, there are three follow-up “bonus” lessons.

CONs – the total eCourse  is spread out over 6 weeks – but with the many ideas, I imagine a family would be hard pressed to run out of activities to try over quite a few months.

Register for the Frugal Family Fun Activities eCourse here –

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like landscaping, more on gardening, whatever – Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews.

Looking for more eLearning sources? Here’s a link to a short video covering much of the available lesson material at the eCourse Directory

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