Changing Careers eCourse –

Changing Careers eCourse –

Many people don’t like their jobs – it’s part of being in the working world. Even people who claim to love their jobs still have days when the thought of going to work is just too much to bear. However, the truth is that you just may be on the wrong career path if your level of job satisfaction is less than what it should be. This guide is in 7 Parts and touches on these important aspects of considering a career change –

Part 1: Should You Make a Career Change
Part 2: SWOT Analysis
Part 3: Picking the Right Career Path
Part 4: Opportunities Available
Part 5: Saying Goodbye to Your Old Job
Part 6: Finding and Getting That New Job
Part 7: Turning a Hobby into a Career

Starting with keeping a daily work journal of what is good  and wasn’t so good about a job, through to considering turning a hobby into a new career, the course material prompts some serious thoughts and self examination.

Changing a job or career due to normal burnout, disenchantment, or other self important reasons isn’t to be taken lightly. This eCourse prompts many of the imprtant considerations and provides a reasonable check list to avoid  the possibility of a Career Change Disaster

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This week’s second Review –”The Importance of Building Relationships with Your
Readers” –  dozens of vital things that can be done to build trust – 10 Lessons

Creating relationships and making friends
Why are Relationships with Readers Important for Internet and other marketers? How do you build trust with others? You get to know them and find out what they are all about. It’s easier to do that face to face, yes, but it can also be accomplished in cyberspace if you are willing to work at it. But, why do any of that anyway?

Readers, site visitors, and the people who walk into brick and mortar stores
1.  have friends.
2.  have money.
3. represent a portion of the population.

Whatever their connections, they can be useful to you in building a better business.

PROs – This course covers some rather importanrt topics –

● Why Trusting Relationships with Readers are so Important
● Why you should visit their Blogs
● How to Take Genuine Interest in your Readers
● How to Connect through a Business Blog
● How Newsletters can help
● How to enhance Reader Trust
● How Social Networking works in Creating true Relationships
● What you can learn from Reader Surveys
● The Importance of outstanding  Customer Service
● Why concerned follow-up helps to Cement Powerful and Long
Lasting Relationships

CONs – lesson delivery varies between 2 and 3 days – and stretches the total course study to nearly a month. We’ll encourage the eCourse author to change delivery to a 2 day cycle for the 10 basic lessons.

Register here –

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like landscaping, more on gardening, whatever –
Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews.

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