Blogging from the Beginning

Blogging From The Beginning 7 Part course. The FREE Lessons cover the basics of  effectively building a blog, creating great posts, attracting traffic and earning money.

PROs: the course covers the ins and outs of beginning to build a successful blog, including some basic options for setting up a blog as well as some different techniques to make it popular and profitable, reach, attract, and keep loyal readers, and get them excited about re-visiting and sharing content with everyone they know!

The first lesson starts right off from how to choose the right blog platform and builds from there.

The rest of the lessons cover different types of blog posts, developing regular visitor traffic, the social aspects of blogging, and montizing by using Affiliate Marketing, Selling a Product, Contextual Advertising, and Other types of advertising.

CONs: There aren’t many aspects of blogging left out, although they are touched on only lightly. Details of tools like pinging, use of CPanels in setting up WordPress blogs, etc., aren’t included in sufficient detail for a beginning blogger.

Monetizing a WordPress blog, for example, is left for more experienced help.

That type of information is available in many sources all over the Internet in
WordPress Tutorials  and Blog and Ping Tutorials

Suggested Reading – An Overview of the History of Blogging

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This week’s second Review –  Organic Gardening Course.

Organic Gardening Course (FREE) 5 lessons, on The Pro’s and Con’s of Eating Organic Food, Gardening Organically in Your Back Yard, Controlling Insects and Weeds Naturally, Common Questions, plus Dozens more Useful Resources on things like Hydroponic Gardening, Solar Power and Your Garden, Tomato Gardening Secrets, etc

Organic gardening started centuries ago when ancient civilizations would till the soil, plant their crops and then harvest them.  As the demand for foods increased, fertilizers or pesticides were used to help grow crops.  It was only later that people realized these pesticides were also being eaten. Which led to a campaign to return to organic gardening.

Register for this one here  –

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like landscaping, more on gardening, whatever –
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