Running a Safe Online Business

Running a Safe Online Business

Posted on May 15, 2011 by RichardP

Running a Safe Online Business – There are risks associated with running an online business – almost universal for anyone starting or running their own.

This 7 part course is designed to make a person starting a new Internet business aware of the risks involved and provide the basic information needed to protect them, their business and assets, including —

1. Information about online business income tax and deductions
and simple facts about paying taxes even if not making any money.

2. The different types of legal documentation that must be used on a
website and why not using them could leave a business open for more
trouble than ever imagined possible!

3. Why it’s vitally important to know the products being sold before
starting to sell them.

4. The importance of giving customers a refund as soon as they request it
and how it will impact a business if not done. The risk just isn’t worth it!

And there’s more — Other topics covered include the Fedral Trade Commission guidelines for conducting business online, working in a heavily regulated marketand the specific regulations that are applied to that business, developing an effective Risk Management Plan, and much more.

PRO: it’s a basic review of the ‘must know’ stuff to help protect a business
investment for even the more experienced business owner.

CON: It does not take the place of Professional Support like lawyers and

Link to “Running a Safe Online Business” eCourse registration page
CLICK HERE  to Register for the eCourse


This week’s second Review – “Cruise Vacation” -Free  5 Part eCourse.  If your
Vacation Plans Include an Ocean or River Cruise, this short eCourse will help
you get the biggest benefit for your investment and avoid many expensive mistakes.

In port
Part 1 – A Word About Travel Agents.
Part 2 – Doing It On Your Own.
Part 3 – A Simple Plan.
Part 4 – To Insure Proper Service.
Part 5 – Getting Your Drink On Board Ship!

Plus extra bonus lessons and tips on travel etiquette that will make you the outstanding guest at the Captain’s table, the welcome visitor to foreign shores, and the coolest tourist on the deck.

PRO: Great for a first time Cruise travelers

CON: Not really much new for the experienced Ocean or River ship travelers

Register for this one here

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and
also one of general interest, maybe like  Organic foods, more on gardening, whatever –
Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews.

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