Understanding Outsourcing

Internet Marketing and Outsourcing work well together.

Most Internet marketers employ at least some degree of outsourcing. The most common  are copywriting and website design.

This “Understanding Outsourcing” eCourse covers what you need to know to use Sub-Contractors, Virtual Assistants and Outsourcing effectively and safely.

The course touches on the Pros of Outsourcing. The first four lessons explain what outsourcing involves, advantages, where to go for outsourcing assistance and how to protect yourself when contracting out your work.

The Cons:  are covered in Lesson 5 – “When you should give second thoughts to the practice and NOT go out for assistance”.

For those marketers, or business owners who have not tried sub-contracting, it’s an easy to follow familiarization of the practice.

My Opinion: The course might be considered as a refresher for the more experienced marketers or business owners, but probably doesn’t contain any earth shattering breakthrough tricks.

Here’s the link to the subscription page for this 5 part “Understanding Outsourcing” eCourse

This week’s second Review –”Super Simple Money Saving Tips” certainly is  timely
and important during these days of increasing costs, reduced work hours for many. and
nearly impossible opportunities to save for the future.

The Tips are to the point and easy to implement, so  even if a person is too busy or think they’re too broke to start saving for their future, they’ll find simple ways to start cutting costs and saving money right away.

From using coupons, negotiating lower credit card interest rates, making wish lists, buying in bulk, to turning off lights when not in use, these 30 Tips (in 15 lessons arriving in the email every other day) definitely appear to be  practical and doable.

My Opinion: No doubt, most people are doing many of these cost saving practices already,
but with this broad coverage, they could surely pick up a few more money saving ideas.

Link to the registration page for 15 Lessons and 30+ tips here-


Something a little different this week –
Guest Reviewer Nichole Dean looks at “Yummy PLR

Product Description: Private label rights (PLR) recipes and food articles membership site.
They also sell individual PLR article and recipe packs.

Who This Product is Intended For: Website and blog owners in the food, cooking or recipe
niches. Parent focused website and blog owners.

Uses: Pre-written content in the form of articles and recipes for website owners to use on
their blogs, websites, newsletters, products, reports, and more.

Pros: The articles and recipes are well written and low priced. At this time members receive
10 new articles and 30 new recipes each month. Individual packs sell for $10 each and
include either 10 articles or 30 recipes.

They provide suggested affiliate programs to compliment the articles and recipes as well.

Every month members receive an email with a link to download their new content, but in
order to receive it they must sign up with their name and email address when receiving their
first month’s content. No passwords or login links to remember.

Cons:  As with other PLR sites, YummyPLR content is not just yours. They are however
capping their membership at 250 members. The individual packs aren’t limited. However,
anyone who uses PLR the way it should be realizes the key to using it properly is to rewrite it
and make it your own.

So, this drawback is not just for YummyPLR, but all PLR sites.

Personal Opinion: If your readers love to eat then they’ll love reading YummyPLR on
your site!

YummyPLR gives me quality content to share with my readers while saving me time
(it’s available when I need it).  …...Nichole Dean

Where you can Buy it: http://www.yummyplr.com/
(Not an affiliate link)

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and
also one of general interest, maybe like  Vacation Cruising, more on gardening, whatever –
Please bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews


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