How to Write Captivating Articles

How to Write Captivating Articles That can Increase your Web Presence and bring you more traffic.

This 5 part course is more a review of workable tips than lessons – but they will contribute to developing or improving your web presence – which, of course is important to eventually bring traffic to your website,

A recognizable web presence will help encourage people to visit and revisit your web sites, blogs and sales pages.  The greater your web presence, the sooner your name, website, blog, etc, will brand you as knowledgeable or even expert in your niche or field.

Writing Informative or Entertaining Articles is a proven step in building your personal brand. Add these 5 basic tips to your own library of writing tools, they’ll help you
”Write Articles that Captivate Your Readers” .

After the first few lessons, which cover the authors “5 Basic Tips”, there are a few followup messages that contain some bonus tools and additional reports aimed at helping with Captivating Article creation.

Here’s the link to register for this course –

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This week’s second Review –” Using all of the PLR you’ve Saved
How to Use PLR – Other than to Fill up Your PC’s Hard Drive

If you have a hard drive full of private label content just sitting there  – taking up space and you’re ready to finally use it to improve your business, then you should check out this 10 part eCourse

So, what does using PLR  mean for Article writers, bloggers and web masters? It means:

1. You don’t have to spend the time writing your own content  from scratch,
2. There’s no need to pay a ghostwriter to write articles,  newsletter content, etc.
3. You can create content that brings your readers back  again and again.
4. It can be used over and over in various forms.

What do people want when they go online to search for something? People want info and, if your website content gives them the information they are looking for, they’ll stick with you. PLR can be your answer to providing that searched for content – and you may already have it stored away on your hard drive.  Now’s a good time to learn how to maximize it’s use.

Here’s the registration link to “Using all of the PLR you’ve Saved” eCourse –

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For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like Antiquing, Vacation Cruising, whatever – bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews .

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