Social Media Marketing Review

This week we’re going to take a look at a subject that can be a bit confusing for many beginning Internet Marketers – Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing eCourse –    10 lessons  start with an Introduction to Social Media Marketing and cover ‘some’ of the Social Media Sites on the Internet. The lessons review how you can  Boost Business Profits  with sites like Twitter, facebook, StumbledUpon, Digg, and the latest hot and fast growing site – Tobri.

The activities and growth of Social media are continuously developing so rapidly that it’s difficult to stay abreast. This course, although it covers many of the Social media sites, does not touch on the latest developments, but does provide beginners, and even more experienced Social media buffs with a broad background to help them get onboard the Social Media express.

Do you remember when businesses, small and large, focused lots of time and energy on advertising? When nearly all businesses placed an ad in the local Yellow Pages? Social media is the Yellow Pages on steroids!

Through social media, you can market your business and services worldwide, educate consumers, receive feedback from customers, run special promotions, provide coupons to targeted audiences, and more. AND YOU CAN DO SO EASILY AND AFFORDABLY. The power of social media is almost limitless for small and large businesses.

There are dozens of social media sites all of which have unique features, users and possibilities for marketing a business. In this 10 day e-course, you get an overview of the top social media sites and ways that you can use each site to promote your business. The social media sites included are:

• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Digg
• StumbleUpon
• Squidoo
• Ning
• YouTube
•  Tobri

Like any marketing or advertising campaign, it’s important to start with the end in mind. So before you jump on board with any of the social media sites, the eCourse authors recommend that you spend time developing a social media strategy that will help you achieve your goals.

Check out the Social Media Marketing eCourse here ->
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This week’s second Review – Antiquing. When it comes to antique collecting, the more knowledgeable you are, the better the chance of finding valuable items. It’s always best to educate yourself and these 5 FREE Lessons will help you get started with tips like these –

Tips for Attending a Live Auction
How to Value Your Collectibles
Buying Collectibles on the Internet
Taking Care of Your Antiques
Can You Profit From Antique Collecting?
And More –

The course has a lot of material that will be familiar to experienced antique collectors but will really help the beginner avoid  some of the potential pitfalls they will face when working with antique dealers and auction houses. It’s certainly not a complete education in “Antiquing”. There are. however links in the lessons leading to much more sophisticated and advanced considerations, like restoration, pricing, bidding, etc.

It’s a fun type eCourse.
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For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like  Vacation Cruising, more on gardening, whatever – bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews

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