Product Creation – a 6 part Crash Course

This week we’re going to take a look at a subject that is difficult to start for many beginning Internet Marketers – Product Creation

The Product Creation Crash Course will help you Learn All About Overcoming Anxiety, Establishing your Attack Mode,  How to Research Topics,  Selecting Your Product Niche, Determining Profit Potential,  Selecting Your Product Type,  Using Forums in your Research,  Finding Quality Content, Putting it All Together –  Creating your Very Own Product –  in 6 Powerful Lessons.

The first lesson warms you up to what’s ahead – how you should think about what  you are planning to undertake.

By the second lesson, you’ll be into the step by step creation of your first product and into Lesson 3, where you get down to the actual development of a potentially profitable product theme.

All of these lessons are somewhat extensive, and the author’s suggestion to print them and file off line in a binder makes a lot of sense – because re-reading  or reviewing will be very helpful as you work up the details of your product. You’ll soon find  how convenient a hard copy will be.

Here’s the sign up link –

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Get outside for a break and some good healthy exercise – that will lead to a few extra dollars in your pocket and a lot of freed up space in your garage, attic, cellar and home.

Have a Garage or Yard Sale !
A sure way to realize the maximum results for your effort is to have a plan, and that’s exactly what the “Garage Sales Profit eCourse” will help you achieve. FREE Seven (7) Complete Lessons. How to plan, organize, find inventory, and make some Extra spending money with your own “Super Garage or Yard Sale”. You’ll learn how to avoid the errors and mistakes that keep others from making the most profits from their Garage sales

Here’s the link to your Free Garage Sales Profit eCourse

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For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like Antiquing, Vacation Cruising, whatever – bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews

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