Traffic Generation Crash Course

Our Internet Marketing eCourse review this week looks at Traffic Generation – a topic dear to the heart of nearly all Internet Marketers, Bloggers, authors and on and on.

Traffic generation Crash Course – If your site isn’t pleasing and welcoming, any traffic generation activities you do are wasted! Lots of tips here to use in your Traffic Generating Campaign in  5 Lessons.

Think of it this way: If you were expecting company at your home, there are certain things you might do in advance. You would make sure your home was clean, that there was fresh soap and clean hand towels in the bathroom, and you might prepare some snacks, or even an entire meal.

Preparing your website follows the same concept. You want to make sure that things are neat and tidy. Make sure that your navigation follows a logical sequence. Make sure that you have plenty of good content, and that everything is spelled correctly.

From the lessons in this ‘Crash Course’, you’ll discover how to make absolutely sure that your website is ready to receive traffic, like having –

► an opt-in subscribe box on every page
► enough powerful content
► an action for your visitors to take on each page
► your site optimized for the search engines
►► and much more!

We all want visitors who are interested in our sites, newsletters, blogs, and offerings. Every tip helps and you can CLICK HERE to register for this free eCourse

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And for our avid gardeners, and proud homeowners, we’ll also look at the Gardening and Landscaping Preparation 7 Part eCourse

Considering that your surroundings affect the way you feel, the appearance of your yard is of great importance.

Landscaping is an art that contributes to the tranquility of your surroundings. Landscaping helps you achieve the aesthetic quality you desire for your garden and/or yard.

Landscaping does not need to be done by a professional design team. That is the beauty of it. You and your family, including your children can assist in designing your surroundings for a more “family” type environment.

CLICK HERE Start your Gardening and Landscaping Preparation eCourse

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

For NEXT WEEK we’ll select another Internet Marketing related eCourse to review, and also one of general interest, maybe like Antiquing, Vacation Cruising, whatever – bookmark our eCourseblog so that you don’t miss any of our reviews

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